About Us

ICS Total Solution GmbH

Mecklenburgring 108, 66121,

Saarbrücken, Germany.


e-mail: info@total-solution.eu

In this era of globalization, our goal is to perform services in the support and promotion of bilateral business relations in the field of Industrial Control and Automation. “ICS Total Solution” is acting as a Win-Win business advocate, and one of the bridges between Europe and the Middle East including the gulf countries, fully using the resulting synergistic potential for optimum investment and support.


“ICS Total Solution” is committed to provide First-Class Industrial Control and Automation Services - such as Engineering, Implementing, Developing, Installation, Commissioning, and Startup - for regional and international clients. We aim to provide solutions without being limited to particular products or narrow methodology other than the ultimate quality and optimum efficiency. “ICS Total Solution” will continue to grow in the coming years and will further strengthen its leading position in the international market.


The shareholders of “ICS Total Solution” are a group of automation engineers with vast experience and skills in both Applications and Automation Fields. So far, we have shown continued strength and success to fulfill our esteemed clients’ needs with a highly-qualified technical team providing and implementing successful Automation Solutions.



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